Friday, February 18, 2011

random friday: take five

drumroll please......

i got my CAMERA!
oooooh how i love new camera smell.
the very same day i got it i made a snazzy camera strap for it.
i've made 2 others. but none quite like this one.
designer fabric...padding...ruffles...rosettes in dupioni silk...f a b u l o u s.
well, it has to be fabulous because it has to rest on the strap of the most fabulous {and most expensive, eek!} camera i've ever touched.
hd 1080p video...twin sd card slots, live view...i'm in love.
my darling husband let me order it on valentine's day.
talk about an AMAZING valentine's day present!
love him.


remember how i said the granny stripe blanket was progressing?
oh it progressed, alright.
progressed right into an arch!
i don't know what i did wrong!
i wasn't adding stitches....i don't think....
oh well. i'll start over and really, *REALLY* pay attention to the pattern.
maybe being a crochet hooker isn't for me.


i'm going on a DATE tonight.
it's been a long time coming.
it was cancelled last week because EVERYONE was sick.
i don't think i've ever been so excited to get dressed up and go to dinner.
at the end of my pregnancy i was sooooo big and couldn't breathe easily, so eating wasn't my favorite.
i could eat like 5 bites until my stomach was full.
so tonight i'm going to eat a TON.
and i'm going to eat one of my favorite things...buttercream prawns. {it sounds gross, but it's HEAVENLY}
how funny that our last date was the night before we had the babies and i ate my other favorite dish, lemon pepper shrimp.
i guess i have a thing for shrimp. huh. interesting.


i'm going to be adding some pretty awesome things into my shop very soon.
but i hate to admit it, if you don't have a little girl in your life, you may not be interested.
BUT they do make perfect showers, photography props...
anyways, you'll think it's cute.
and i'll be working on some boy friendly products too...
i just need to buy some boy fabric.
ALL of my fabric is so girly!

want a sneak peek?


miss stella is wearing the ruffle romper in grey...
and the grey argyle leg warmers...
with the white satin double ruffle double boutique bow.
ALL things that will be available in my shop once i get some more made. and there will be tons of other colors and sizes.
killer cute, huh?


happy friday!
enjoy the three day weekend!


  1. OMG....Erin! So stinking cute you are so talented! I have some projects for you I mean us :) have fun on your date with the Mr.

  2. random fridays blog posts are my new fave.


i love candy, sewing and the power to delete :) have a great day!