Monday, February 7, 2011

oh, the funny things you say...

.....before you have kids.

"i don't want to have a house covered in baby stuff. like when you walk in and it screams, BABIES LIVE HERE!"
looky on down below....

{disclaimer: i wanted you to see a real house. a messy twins-live-here-my-mom-hasn't-been-here-in-two-days-and-she's-the-master-at-picking-up-my-messes house. i literally sat my butt on the couch (where i spend a LOT of time now) and took all of these pictures from that one view point. no tidying up here, friends! this isn't a shiny, pretty, i'm-going-to-make-my-life-look-like-perfect/easy/envyable-blog, this is the real shiz. sit back and enjoy.}

epic fail.
babies live here and have taken over.

"i don't want to be one of those moms that only blogs about her kids."
hmmmm. how about EVERY post since i've had them?? and even when i was pregnant?!

"swaddling? you just wrap them up or put a blanket on them, right? it can't be that complicated/important/essential."
as i write this BOTH babies are swaddled and asleep in their cribs upstairs.
i own 12 aden & anais swaddling blankets ALONE.
that's not including the flannel ones received as baby shower gifts or the ones husband swiped accidently brought home from the hospital.

"i'm not going to dress them alike."
i will admit that most of the time i stick to this.
but sometimes i don't because it's just so CUTE when they are dressed alike.
i ALWAYS give them different bows or flowers on their headbands though.
that's enough, right?

"when i go shopping, i'm not only going to buy stuff for them."
that one is freaking hilarious.
you don't want to see my shopping cart at target.
or my "completed orders" from
or the things i've bought from the ribbon retreat.
alllllllllll baby stuff. and candy. haha.

"when i'm away from the babies, i'll try my best to not talk about them all the time."
does it count when people ask about them first?
did i really whip out their birth announcement and show it to the girl sitting next to me in jury duty?
yes, yes i did.
and i even told her how pissed i got that morning when i had to put sleeping angel stella down so i could get dressed.
oh me, oh my...

"formula? no, my babies won't drink formula, they'll only be breastfed."
while i wish that were true, my body had different plans.
after a lethal combination of not sleeping/drinking/eating enough PLUS an infection, my body gave up.
at least they got 6 weeks of liquid gold.

motherhood is humbling!
AND i think it's made me a lot more easy-going. oh i'm still incredibly stubborn, but having to live your life based on the schedule two little 9-pound monkeys makes you go with the flow better.
it really is the hardest job, but is SO the absolute best job i've ever had.

i love you, stella.
i love you, olivia.
you'll always be my little angels.
even when you throw-up on me as i write this.
gotta go.


  1. Erin you are hilarious! And I agree with everything you said; the reality of having a baby sure changes our 'plans' huh?
    As for you the pictures of your 'baby messiness' I STILL think your house looks like pictures out of a Pottery Barn magazine. Everything you own (including all the baby stuff) is SO dang cute.

  2. This post made me laugh so hard! Especially the first one - that you vowed not to have a house covered in baby stuff. I remember Jed and I saying that it's so weird once a couple has a baby that their whole house just gets covered in baby stuff. I looked around our family room while I read your post and I see BABY absolutely EVERYWHERE! Even though we have a nursery, our family room has been taken over completely. So funny to see how things change. :) I LOVE that you update your blog so much, I need to do the same. Love you Steve, thanks for sharing! :)


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