Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the nursery

i f i n a l l y finished it!
it had been sitting for 3 months being 95% completed.
i always knew that i wanted to put bunting up with the girls' names on them above the cribs...but i didn't know what i was naming the girls until we met them at the hospital.

baby a = stella
baby b = olivia

i will admit that baby a's name never changed the entire pregnancy {after we knew the gender}.
baby b had many different names...i was debating on elise and olivia towards the end...but once i met our baby b, i knew she was an olivia.
then after we came home, it was a whirlwind of activity.
adjusting to being a TWIN mama, remodeling upstairs {with 3 week-olds!}, christmas, blessing day and you name it...i put this project on the back burner.
i wasn't sure how i wanted it to look.
i can envision things and see them completed...but i wasn't sure about this one until about 2 days ago.
and it came out even BETTER than i imagined.

we mercado's do things on a budget.
a running joke with my oldest sister is that i even got a discount on my babies; two for the price of one. {which fertility treatment wise was true, but not for the gestation. i had 14 ultrasounds and did you know they charge per child? it's the "additional fetus" charge. go figure!}
we like to be frugal.
we like nice things, but we only buy nice things at a nice price. {usually}

so, one night i was rocking olivia to sleep and i started to calculate everything in the nursery.
i was kind of surprised to see everything around me and realize that we {husband and i} only spent about $450 on the room.

cribs: $150 each x 2 = $300
bedding: free {my mama made it}
mattresses: free {grammy and papa}
birdie mobiles: free {scrap fabric, stuffing i already had from AGES ago, branches from the trail by my house}
pom-poms: $20 for tissue paper
steamer trunk: $45 on CL, another $10 for spray paint
curtains: $5, but i bought them YEARS ago
print and frame: $15 for the print, $12 for the frame
piggy bank: baby gift
temple prints: prints, free from earl's old room {pre-marriage}, frames, $25
banner: free {scrap fabric for letters, leftover dupioni silk from blessing dresses}
glider: $35 from CL, spray painted
bow holders: free! old canvases recovered with scrap fabric and old ribbon

grand total: $467

i love their little {10'x9'!) room.
it's wat cuter than my room, but isn't that how it always works out??
my favorite piece is the name bunting, what's yours?


  1. You did a wonderful job on their room, Erin! My fav would be the bird mobiles - - pink and so so adorable! A close second are the trees you painted on the wall. Love birch trees!

  2. i love them!
    im a sucker for bunting.
    sooo cute :)
    and what a bargain!!


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