Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i swear i'm not a circus freak

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but eeeeeeeeeevery time i go in public with the girls, i feel like one.
have people never seen twin babies??
hard to believe, huh?
but they act like it!

after the initial and secondary staring (and i really DO mean s-t-a-r-i-n-g...following us with your eyes {do you think i can't see you?} and the looking-over-the-shoulder staring {you're not fooling me, i can still feel and SEE you staring!} the funny questions start.
allow me to inform you with the typical q and a...

q: are these your babies?
a: yes, these are my babies. (I'm 27, not 17!!)

q: but you look so great! how did you lose the weight?
a: a wicked combination of sleep deprivation/breastfeeding/stress/no-time-for-eating/caring for TWO newborns 24-7 will do wonders for your figure.

q: are they twins?
a: yes, they are. (what gave it away? the two identical twin car seats? or the two matching tiny bodies inside?)

q: one boy and one girl? (i will N E V E R understand this one)
a: nope, two girls! (are they color blind? or accessory blind? my girls ALWAYS have pink somewhere {car seat blankets, clothes, etc.} they must not see the headbands with flowers or bows attached to them...)

q: can you tell them apart?
a: yes, they look totally different. one looks like me, one looks like my husband.

and that question is A L W A Y S followed up with this one:

q: so they're not identical?
a: NO! (i mean, really?!)

q: which one is easier? (!)
a: i don't really know what you mean by that exactly...they're pretty much the same.

kinda crazy, right?
and those are just some of the ones i have had since they were born...i got some pretty insane ones when i was pregnant.
now i just shake my head and chuckle.
it's my new form of odd entertainment.
i don't mind the questions, what new mom doesn't want to talk about her babies?!
but i don't like the staring.
i'm not a circus freak!


  1. It was the same way with my twins...everywhere we went people stared like they hadn't ever seen twins, and had to touch them...not my favorite! I was always asked if they were identical...really boy/girl...I sure hope not! Honestly that was what I said every time I went anywhere, "the circus has come to town" funny! The questions never end. Then if you have more you get..."are they ALL yours"...or "man you have your hands full!" people always ask me how far apart the two middle kids are...they are twins, so I usually say, "one minute." It gets old, so I have to think of interesting things to say!

  2. HAhahahhahaha these questions made me laugh! I guess I can kind of relate even though I'm not a mom... I do have two twin brothers, I can only imagine the questions my mom had to go through.. I bet it gets annoying huh??

  3. lol this is too funny. People and their staring. When I was pregnant with my boys, for all three of them I got asked if I was having twins at one point. At least you were! For I had to answer, um... no... why? haha. After I had Ryan, the "public" people were the worst! Because I still looked pregnant, but had no baby to explain that I actually had already had a baby. So at grocery stores random people would always start talking to Jonathon, my two year old at the time! And say, oh it looks like you're going to have a little sibling. I would die inside, I don't blame them for not knowing the story, but I wanted to punch them. I didn't want to get into it, so when they would ask how far along I was, instead of saying I already had a baby but he passed, I would just make up a number, smile and walk away. Talk about feeling like a circus show!

  4. hahaha ohmygoodness.
    i think that people are amazed at how gorgeous your two little pumpkins are, AND everything is cuter in pairs.
    PLUS, i am definitely a baby stare-er. haha.
    and yes, your figure IS amazing.
    people are probably wondering how two came out of YOU!

  5. I like staring at them! ;)
    It is amazing when you think about it! They are so beautiful and always perfectly coordinated, as are you. Plus, You bounced back SO fast and look amazing! I'm sure people wonder if you're the nanny or something at times!

  6. People just can't help themselves. Twins... esp twin babies... are just TOOO DANG CUTE!


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