Tuesday, February 15, 2011

hot mess mommy

e v e r y o n e in my house is sick, except for me.
the girls still have their funky little cold and husband has an even worse one that he caught in michigan.
i guess -16* will do that to ya.

so i'm trying to hold down the fort.
lucikly i have the best mother in the world that comes to rescue me.
{thanks, ma!}
however, even with that, i'm a hot mess.
husband needed a Rx, gatorade and chicken soup, so off to target i went.
i took stella {all bundled up and under her snazzy blanket the whole time} so hubs didn't have to deal with his coughing, runny nose and TWO crying babies.
that would just be too mean!

so anyways, i'm driving in my car....and then it dawns on me!

1. i'm not wearing ANY make-up.

2. i'm not wearing a BRA.

3. i have spit-up on my shirt.

4. i didn't brush my teeth.


at least i was wearing a sweater coat so i could cover up issues #2 and #3.
but marc jacobs aviators can only hide so much, issue #1.
and issue #4?
i was hopeless. no gum or mouthwash or anything in sight. crap.

so there you have it folks, i'm a hot mess mommy.
so pathetic and embarrassing to admit it all.
just be glad you didn't run into me at target.


  1. Ha ha, oh man! I went to school once without a bra...it was HORRIFYING when I realized it. Like you, I had a sweater...but, it just doesn't look quite right if you focus hard enough, you know?

  2. its ok.... I regularly forget to shower....and I'm not a mommy which I guess just makes me a hot mess

  3. hahahaha i love this.
    and i can vouch for you.
    you are NOT a hot mess.
    but im sure it is an eyeopener to think a year ago you would have NEVER thought you'd forget a BRA or to brush your teeth! haha.
    hello momma erin.


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