Tuesday, January 18, 2011

we like to sleep. we like to sleep WITH our babies.

actually, it's more of a NAP than anything else.
i always said i wasn't going to be one of those parents that let's their kids sleep with them in bed because then you can never get them out!
well...here's hoping i can live up to my words when they aren't newborns.

so in the meantime, we're soaking it up!

recently i have been sleeping on the couch with a baby. with whomever is fussy and is calmed by snuggling with mommy so she can get a little more sleep. well, the duke thought i was riding my way down a slippery slope {insert my previous words here about babies in bed}.
my defense: you can't spoil a newborn! AND, if it gets me 20 extra minutes of sleep, i'm taking it! plus...who doesn't want to snuggle with their little baby?! it's amazing!

...so about 2 weeks later mr. duke was sleeping on the couch. a baby was fussy. so guess what he did? cuddled and slept with her! and guess what? he L O V E D it! i even remember him saying how pleasant it was for the first thing he sees to be one of his babies. YES! converted!

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