Tuesday, January 11, 2011

their first bath

once you leave the hospital, you're on your own. you may have family around to help, but when they leave, you're on your own!
one of the scariest things you have to do?
give your little 5 pound (they lost their 10% IN the hospital. talk about stressing a new mommy out!) babies a bath.

i may sound like i'm overreacting, but it's kinda scary! it's new!
poor little slippery, wet, crying bodies....
but it was kinda fun.
...fun like when you get to change them out of their hospital shirt and hospital blanket and put on them the clothes YOU bought. it makes it more real.
(i know i'm not really making sense, but work with me here...)

i had the duke give them their baths while i snapped away.

wash cloths...check.
cotton balls...check.
baby shampoo/body wash...check.
rubber ducky...check. (it tests the water and tells you if it's too hot. it quacks if it is. ok that's a lie, it doesn't quack. but that would be really cool if it did. it just says HOT on it's belly. so NOT as cool as quacking...)

here was our set-up:

our first victim baby was stella.

look how little she is!
see how that can be kinda scary??
well, she was NOT a fan...

...until she got all wrapped up in her towel after.

olivia didn't really like it much either.

see how blurry that picture is??
she was moving fast.
mad little baby!

...but SO much happier when it was done!

they like their baths much more now. yay! i have little water babies! i can't wait to take them swimming! (i'm totally getting ahead of myself, but whatever!)

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