Friday, January 21, 2011

random friday!

this is one of the best inventions E V E R.

makes baby happy.
makes MOMMY happy.
i have two hands again!
baby bjorn, i love you.

i can sew!
i can type!
i can EAT!
[oh, and sorry about the linguine that fell out of my mouth and stuck to the back of your ear, liv. it won't happen again!]
yeah, after i stopped laughing, i felt like a bad mom. then i got over it because it WAS funny.


i don't know where i came across this picture, but i ♥ LOVE ♥ this room.
when i get to sleep SOMEDAY, i'll dream of this bedroom. it's lovely.


i swoon for this man.

he is the best dad ever.
no offense to all the other dads out there, but this one takes the cake.
i mean, come on! look at him!

best. daddy. ever.


and dude, remember when i looked like this less than two months ago?

boy am i happy those days are over.
i can BREATHE now!
and i can get up from the couch without help.
oh yes. it's the little things in life, you know?

i told you this was going to be random.
maybe this should be a usual thing...give my random thoughts a purpose.
OH yeah.
come back next week and maybe i'll show you the snazziest car seat cover blankets ever.
[well, the snazziest ones i could pop out in between feedings and diaper changes]
i promise you'll probably want one for yourself.
i even snuggle up to them.

so, have a happy random friday and a GREAT weekend!

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