Friday, January 28, 2011

random friday: take two

remember how i said that hair bows and dresses were next on my crafty list?
i lied.
i saw this blanket and i'm totally going to teach myself how to crochet so i can make it.

image found here
awesome tutorial found here

i'm not really one to like rainbow stuff, but this i can't resist.
i'm ready!
i've got my crochet hook, a basket full of rainbow hued yarn and videos tutorials.
now all i need is time. HA!


this little girl loves the fan.

look at her love for the ceiling fan!
it cracks me up.


my girls love their pacifiers.

...disclaimer: i swear my baby isn't high...

they're funky looking, but they won't take any other ones.
and i promise they don't wear beanies that much!


this cutie patootie couple had their baby a few days ago!

congrats chelsea and jed!!
little baby andrew!
i want to call him drew.
hope that's ok, chels.


me at waikiki

We went to Hawaii in 2007...{omg, almost 4 years ago!}...and we have enough airline miles to go back.
dilemma: fly to hawaii for free or save more miles (or pay some $$) and go somewhere else. caribbean maybe?
i dunno!


i need to go eat the cookie dough in my fridge.
i wish i had some of these cupcakes in my house. they're DELISH!
happy weekend!

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  1. Erin you crack me up, I love how your post totally went from making a rainbow blanket to eating cookie dough in your fridge! haha I wish I had cookie dough..oh wait..I have stuff to make to the kitchen I go!! and I say, wait a little and store up more miles and go to the caribbean, that way the girls will be a little older :)


i love candy, sewing and the power to delete :) have a great day!