Monday, January 24, 2011

i have an obsession

i l o v e blankets.
and quilts.
and i love to make them both.

so once i found out i was finally pregnant, i knew i needed more!
furry ones...fuzzy ones...lightweight name it!

so, being the loving, paranoid protective mother i am, i wanted to make car seat covers for them.
you know, so the crazy lady at target won't pinch their cheeks?
PLUS, they're winter babies, so they need to be kept warm and germ free.
sick babies = BAD

well, i saw TONS of rally cute covers for sale on etsy (LOVE etsy), but they were all made of cotton.
cotton = too thin...not warm enough for my babies!

i found this tutorial, but looking at the measurements, i knew it wouldn't adequately cover this beast...

it doesn't look that big...but it is. it's for babies up to 32 pounds and most infant car seats only go to 22 pounds or so.
anywho...their car seat blankets ended up being pretty big.
i grabbed some of my favorite fabric out of my stash and started cutting and sewing away.
{side note: i HATE cutting fabric. it gives me anxiety. i have to check my measurements about 5 times before i'll cut. is it just me or is everyone else like that too? i really, REALLY hate it}
i grabbed minky for the backing and vibrant, bold prints for the fronts and ruffles.
about 20 nap times later, we got these!

here is one of them in action...

olivia is in the stroller and stella is in the baby bjorn. we went to bass lake for some lunch and some sun.

having these blankets so large makes them perfect for backdrops...

and who can resist those little faces??

next on the crafty list: boutique bows.
i have yards and yards of grosgrain ribbon that is just waiting, begging really, to be tied up into giant bows and worn on my girls' heads.

second on the crafty list: baby dresses!
i found a fabulous little pattern online for $2 to make some ridiculously cute dresses. i'm so excited!

what's on your crafty list??

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