Wednesday, January 19, 2011

♥ faces only a mother could love ♥

i'm kidding!

but i am one of those moms that thinks my babies are the most beautiful babies that ever walked the earth. gotta love those hormones. but really, look at these little faces!! i love looking at them all day. EVEN when they're crying, they're still the most beautiful little girls to me.

i bought myself a wonderful 50mm fixed lens ages ago (i really love the bokeh [the blurriness of the background] and how it masks the mess of a home with two newborns!) and have been too lazy to master it because it requires me to shoot in manual. well, for my birthday my wonderful husband got me adobe creative suite 5 (you're the best, baby!) and it includes about a million different least 5 for photograph editing. so my laziness is over, i'm trying to learn! as i wait for my 7 photoshop books to become available from the library, i will continue to edit via iphoto. but i didn't even edit any of these, these are straight from the camera. gotta love that lens. so here's to trying! ;)

i'm still amazed at how different they look!
we think olivia's getting whiter.
oh, please baby girl, don't get as translucently albino white as mama!

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