Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a baby story

throughout my pregnancy i would predict things.....and they would come true.

like when i knew we were having twins....

like when i knew we were having girls....

and like when i knew i would have them after thanksgiving, but before my scheduled c-section date on december 8th....

i even remember saying i'd go into labor....

it ALL came true. even the labor part! the funniest thing is that i didn't even know it was happening. let me tell you a story...a baby story...

my mother and i arrived at my 37 week appointment at my ob-gyn's office at 2pm. i did my weigh-in (+35 pounds total) and went into the room. after talking with the doctor a moment, he checked the babies' heartbeats and measured my fundal height (my belly). it was 42 centimeters, the same length it had been for now the last 3 appointments. right away my doctor wanted me to get an ultrasound to check on the babies' growth. the ultrasound tech was all booked up at their office, so they had to send me to the trauma center down at the hospital to get an ultrasound there.

i will admit i was a little freaked out, especially since they told me i was forbidden to eat or drink anything in case i had to get an emergency c-section. so, to the hospital we went. we got to the trauma center and waited. and waited. and waited some more. finally i was called in! not 5 minutes later earl showed up after getting off of work (i told him not to leave early and rush because i knew we were going to be there a while). it was around 6pm now. i hadn't eaten or drank anything in over 4 hours! that doesn't sound like a big deal, but when you're a food junkie like me AND you're pregnant with twins, it's pretty horrible.

so the ultrasound tech was doing his measurements, but it was taking F O R E V E R. having had 13 ultrasounds before this one, i knew what to expect and what to look for on the screen. well, in that room, i couldn't see the screen. :( once i made him show me both of their heartbeats i relaxed a little. but we were in there for over 45 minutes! the whole time earl could see the screen and i could tell he was a little concerned. when the tech was done he told us that everything looked fine, but the only thing that could cause concern was baby b's (olivia's) amniotic fluid was low. baby a's (stella's) was measuring at 5 and b's (olivia's) was only 1.2. he said that he would give his findings to the radiologist on staff and she would call my doctor and talk to him about it. so back out to the waiting room we went.

about 25 minutes later they called us back up and said that we would most likely have the babies the next day! i was told to not eat or drink anything after midnight and my doctor would call me later and give me more details. talk about a trip! earl and i just looked at each other and were like, "holy cow, this is actually happening!" we hadn't even made it out of the parking structure when my phone rang...it was my doctor! he said baby day would be the next day and to be at the hospital at 10:00am. then everything after that felt SO surreal. the time was here!

we decided that we needed to go somewhere somewhat nice for our "last meal." since i hadn't eaten in about 6 hours, i was STARVING! i chose p.f. changs. when we got there we ordered our favorite dishes. it was such a fun dinner with just the two of us. the manager even took care of our whole dinner, dessert and all.

when we got home we went to work. we were packing bags, charging electronics...all sorts of things. my oldest sister amy wanted me to do a belly cast. oddly enough i had purchased one earlier that day and we got to work. now, a belly cast was the LAST thing i wanted to do, but i knew she'd l o v e it and it would be the best way to document my belly hours before my babies were to be born. so lukewarm water and weirdo plaster gauze and i became VERY well acquainted. i WOULD post pictures, but i'll spare you. it's probably more of me than you'd care to see! (actually, i'm SURE it is!)

while earl was putting the strips of plastery gauze on me, i was having contractions. i *thought* they were braxton hicks....but i'm pretty sure they weren't because when we got to the hospital the next day, my nurse told me i was in labor! here i am all hooked up with fetal monitors....in labor....not having much fun waiting to go to the OR! (ok i kinda look like i'm having fun, but i'm really NOT! contractions HURT!)

here we are on our way to the OR...SO excited!!
at this point i was up and walking and the contractions didn't seem to hurt at all anymore. i don't know if my lovely nurse candy (how cute is that name?!) pushed some wonder drug in my iv or if they were just relieved by getting the monitors off of me and walking around. either way, i was feeling good and about to meet our babies!

this is a funny picture coming up.
i'm being CUT OPEN.
so weird.

we had quite the team in the OR.
here are the dr. brothers hard at work taking out my babies....

and here is when i heard stella's cries for the first time.
such and AMAZING feeling. SO surreal. after like 20 years of wanting to be a mother and 5 years of actively trying to achieve that goal...it finally happened.
it was everything i had hoped for, yet so much more. my babies were HERE!

here is our stella...

stella was born at 12:33 pm and weighed 6 lbs. 2 oz.

and here is our olivia...

she was born at 12:34 pm and weighed 5 lbs. 11 oz.
apparently olivia was QUITE the screamer in the nursery!
i was left in the OR to get stitched up and earl went with the babies to the nursery to get weighed, cleaned up and tested.
i felt like i was left in that OR f o r e v e r when it was probably about 15 minutes.
feeling all of that tugging and pressure was NOT fun! i just wanted to get out of there and see my babies!
plus, i was feeling frog-legged. but my legs were straight. not a comfortable feeling!
but that was soon over and i got to see my loves and take our first family picture!!!

i love these pictures. i can't believe they're real!
my girls and i...

they actually look alike here...

having a c-section is incredibly painful. i had no idea. AND i had no idea how i would want to inflict pain on another human being after they push on my abdomen to "make sure i don't clot."
p a i n f u l.
you could literally hear me screaming in pain outside the door when they did this. at least that's what my mom says.

did you ever see that episode of grey's anatomy where dr. bailey wants to cure fistulas?
well in one scene dr. embry (i think that's his name) is walking a patient around the post-surgical wing and he's boasting how well his patient is doing as he's walking around with her. then the patient says, "i'm tired! i want to go back to bed!" to which he replies, "ONE MORE LAP!"
that was me.
the patient that wanted to get back in bed.
they wanted me to do all these laps around the maternity ward...well, let's just say i didn't feel up to it, but i tried anyways.
and then made it back to my room in a wheelchair before i finished ONE lap.
it was a l o n g recovery.
but then i got to leave! and take babies home with me!

here are our presents under the christmas tree....

this was taken pretty much as soon as we walked in the door from the hospital.
my little loves.
welcome to the world little babies, you're going to be SO LOVED.

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  1. I can totally relate to the picture of you crying because you were hearing the baby cry for the first time. I remember laying in the OR with tears streaming down my face hearing Dylan's cry. A moment that changed our lives forever! =) Congratulations and enjoy the ride!


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