Tuesday, November 16, 2010

maternity leave is WONDERFUL

this week marks week 1 of my maternity leave.
sleeeeeeeeping in (it actually sounds much better than it really is....). sewing. craft projects. not having to RUSH when i go to joann's because i'm not on my lunch break (thanks for reminding me, mom). which is good because that woman walks fast! i have to walk slow now. not quite a waddle, but not my normal i-need-to-get-things-done walk.

but one thing that i CAN do is finish start projects.
i needed a rocker or glider. i knew i needed one with all the time i'm going to be spending holding/nursing/loving on babies.
i found this on craigslist for $30!
(the photo from the girl selling it...i forgot to take a before pic...)

it's cute, but that pink just won't work in my house. ESPECIALLY downstairs.
i also found a changing table (on CL) that needed to be downstairs.
the changing table was already white, but needed a little sprucing-up.
so i decided to paint the glider white to coordinate with the changing table.
the upholstery cushions will eventually change, but they will work for now.
(i washed the cushions in the washing machine and the bottom cushion came out like a rumpled mess! so i had to buy new foam, cut it to size and sew the cushion back on. NOTHING is ever simple!)

so since i'm going to be rocking these babies at all hours of the night, i'm going to be cold, right?
jumping out of bed and taking one or both of the girls out to the living room so the mister can sleep....
so i made a robe!

i've never made anything from a pattern start to finish on my own.
it took MUCH longer than i thought it would!
BUT i did customize the pattern.
custom = time
i wanted the robe longer. and the sleeves longer. and the sleeves thinner. and i wanted ruffles.
so now it's perfect!

i also made some "pillowcase" dresses.
i don't have many cute pillowcases hanging around to destroy, but fabric i have aplenty!
with a onesie underneath and some leggings...and a headband with a flower or bow....these will be SO cute!

i'm going to add a little pizazz with THIS!

my mom and i have been tackling their crib bedding.
the bumper pad broke my mom's sewing machine! woops! let's hope it doesn't mess up mine!
we also bought the fabric to make their blessing dresses.
they are going to be SOOOOOOO beautiful.
and of COURSE i picked dupioni silk out of all the fabric available. of COURSE.
thank GOODNESS i had a 40% off coupon for the fabric. and even THEN it was still expensive.
but these will be heirlooms. *AND* have you ever looked at blessing/christening gowns? they are expensive! so making these will still be cheaper.
this whole "times two" thing is really starting to be interesting...
in this case interesting = expensive.

so now all i need to do is...
hang the mobiles...
hang the pom-poms...
make the fitted sheets for the bassinet...
make and wrap christmas presents...
hem TEN PAIRS of workout pants for the mister (and those are just the ones that are too long...)
send out my thank-you's...
finish the girls' quilts...
take earl's car to the dealership to get checked out...
go to MANY doctor's appointments...
OH and try to relax so these babies keep cooking while earl is on a business trip for the next TEN DAYS!

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