Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the bassinet

there is a bassinet that has been in my family forEVER!
my aunts, cousins, and siblings have all been in this bassinet.
it's around 60 years old and i LOVE it.

it made an appearance at my baby shower last month....

see how pretty and classic it is?
i had to make the bedding for it because underneath it, it looks like this...

now it looks like this....

...and it's parked right next to our bed.
my little girls are going to sleep there as long as they'll fit!
the pink fabric folded over the side is my hospital gown that my wonderful mother made me!
peeking in the corner is one of their diaper bags....

another craigslist find! $45! those bags retail for like $160! for a DIAPER BAG!
(i bought this bag before we got pregnant! how funny is that! and then i was even crazier and bought ANOTHER one for a really good deal! it's amazing my husband puts up with me sometimes, isn't it??)
the most fabulous thing about those bags are their versatility. the straps can be placed to be a messenger bag or a backpack! i have a feeling that i will LITERALLY have both of my hands full and will use the "backpack" function the most....
i already have it packed with their clothes and blankets for the hospital.

this is another thing that is making it to the hospital....

a hooter hider!
it was SO easy to make and it's one of my FAVORITE pieces of fabric.
so just know that if you visit me in the hospital you don't have to worry about ever seeing...you know...

so a few days ago i had to make a return/exchange at baby gap.
i LOVE baby gap.
i could buy two of everything there.
but i'm not a millionaire!
so to the sale rack i go....
i picked out a few items.
then bought them.
what do they have in common???

lots of black.
i even bought an all black satin dress but that's already hanging up in their closet upstairs...
am i going to have gothic-dressed babies???
i don't think so....but i LOVE wearing black and i don't think that little girls should only wear purple and pink.
AND i just bought their christmas dresses this morning....
guess what color they are???

oh well. at least they'll have red flowers on their headbands.....

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  1. my sisters and I were in that same bassinet too - very cool; a little bit of tradition really . . . you're doing great by the way . . . .


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