Thursday, October 14, 2010

glucose test.....i HATE you (mostly)

i understand that getting a glucose tolerance test during pregnancy is a necessary thing.
gestational diabetes is not a laughing matter.
but having to drink THIS in five minutes is torture.

is more like torture on top of torture because you have to fast.
and i LOVE eating.
ESPECIALLY being pregnant.

so let me rewind.
let me tell you how this torture started.....

so my dr tells me WEEKS ago that i have to get this test done.
i put it off.
and put it off.
then i had an appointment with my dr and he reminded me that i HAD to get it done.
so i schedule it for first thing in the morning.
i wake up and am DYING of hunger and nausea.
so i got out my container of quaker old fashioned oats. the ONE thing the nurse girl said i could eat.
i made them according to the directions on the box and zapped them in the microwave.
they came out mushy and watery.
out came the cinnamon (no sugar) and i could only take 3 bites.
down the sink it went.
and out the door i went, i was running late!
i get to the lab and i realize i FORGOT my lab paperwork.
i called the dr's office to have them fax it over.
10 minutes later i got to drink the syrupy sugary nastyness.
i plugged my nose and drank it under the required 5 minutes.
and then the shaky hands came.
and nausea.
and light headedness.
and i'm only 15 minutes in to my 60 minute wait to get my blood drawn!


after MUCH self pep-talking, i made it to 60 minutes without throwing up AND laying down on the nasty floor. (i really wanted to)
then i get a call from a private number.
uh oh, that's usually my dr or one of the partners at the law firm.
so i answer the phone to a voice MUCH too chipper for my mood.

lady: "hi erin, it's nancy from the dr's office and we need to reschedule your c-section for the 8th, not the 7th and it needs to be at 5 so you need to be at the hospital by 3...."

me: "ummmm now's not a really good time i'm getting my blood drawn for my glucose test. can i call you back?"

lady: "ok. blah blah blah blah no c-sections at noon...blah blah blah dr will be out of town....blah blah blah..."

me: "nancy? is that your name? i'll. call. you. back. THANKS."

so then my blood gets drawn.
i JAM out of there to go get my donut that i've been dreaming about since yesterday.
one chocolate bar, please.
one bite, not fulfilling OR satisfying.
ok, two more bites.


what to do before going to the bank and working all day?
go to michael's at riverpark to use my 40% off coupon to buy a martha stewart hole punch for my new church calling.
on my way there i call back chipper, talkative nancy.
so instead of my c-section being on the 7th at noon with a hospital check-in at 10, it's on the 8th at 5 PM with a check-in at 3 PM.
oh, but i "get to eat breakfast or anything until 8 AM."

yay. 8 AM.

get off the phone with nancy.
ugh, i hate nancy.
(not really but that's what a totally rational unhormonal erin was thinking. YEAH.)

so i call the hubby.
and BALL.
cry and blubber like a BIG baby.
"i.....don't....sob....feel good! SOB. my....donut was....sob.....not good....i think i'm going to throw up! whaaaa"

he tried to calm me down.
talk me back to my normal self.
he REALLY tried.
then i had to interrupt him.

and there it happened in the parking lot.
with people all around.
AND then it got all over my pants.
and hair.
and shirt.
and dangly necklace.
i tried to move the necklace and must have had a death grip because i broke off a piece of it.

really, i'm supposed to go to work?
i called back the hubby and told him i was going home. i was amazed he made out my cry-baby-bawling-english.
then i called my mom and asked if she could hang out with me because i was a MESS.

so then my day got better, but slowly.
it took me HOURS to feel better.

oh glucose test, you suck. necessary, but sucky.

so then i ate the rest of my donut.
crazy pregnancy.

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  1. Woah what a story! Sounds horrible! Glad you got to eat the rest of that donut though. Ah the joys of pregnancy :)

    P.s I love those glucose orange drinks! Call me crazy but I don't mind them :)


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