Wednesday, October 6, 2010


a vacation taken by a couple that is expecting a baby (or in our case, babies) in order to allow the couple to enjoy a final trip together before the many sleepless nights that usually accompany the birth of a newborn.

my sweet husband remembered me telling him one say that i wanted to go to hearst castle. i've never been there! i've lived in california ALL of my life and have never seen it, crazy, right? well, he has been there already (as is the case with most places), but was happy to take me along for my new adventure.

so we packed up the twin mobile (our new-to-us honda element) and made the drive over to san simeon. it was supposed to be 100+ degrees in the valley and i wanted to escape that! no such luck! it was still VERY warm over on the coast during the day. oh well, c'est la vie. i wasn't going to let that ruin our trip anyways!

when we arrived at hearst castle, it was about 11:30. the tour ahead of ours wasn't full, so we jumped on that one and got a head start on the day. here are some of the MANY pictures of the beautiful home and gardens.....

belly shot! (i had to lean forward to see my feet!)

i LOVE this fancy editing either....this is the theater....

fancy shmancy indoor pool....

....and *not* the most flattering picture of me. ugh.

being 7 months pregnant with twins is such a new experience. i was really warm when we were done with our tour so we drove a few minutes to this.....

ahhhh, it felt SO much better. so cool and beautiful. BUT NO WAY DOWN! we were parked at the top of the cliff and there wasn't any safe access for a boy recovering from knee surgery and a girl that's 7 months pregnant. so we enjoyed from afar with some of these....

have you ever had them? they are our crack favorite treat. every time i see them at target i buy ALL that they have. which is normally 3-4 bags, i'm not TOTALLY insane. just barely. anywho, we drove to morro bay and found a cute little campground to stay at for the night. on our way to san luis obispo, we stopped in cambria for some lunch and shopping. once in san luis obispo, we walked around downtown and i saw this for the first time.... (i know i'm lame, it's okay)

yuck! earl made it very clear that i wasn't allowed to touch anything. haha. he'll be such a good dad :)

we ate here for dinner....

....and boy was it good!
the light on the canopy hides the restaurant name in the picture...ciopinot.
we had crab cakes and cioppino that were to DIE for.
if you ever want to splurge on a restaurant in that area, go there!

so i said we were staying at a campground, right?
it was right on the beach and had multiple restrooms with one not too far from our little site.
since we don't have a tent, we stayed in the car!
all of the seats in the twin mobile fold down flat to make a bed. i brought down comforters and quilts and about 6 pillows to keep us comfortable.
we put a blanket from the driver's side window to the passenger's side window to create a curtain so no one could see it. and our back windows are super tinted so we were covered there. there is a skylight/moonroof in the backseat so when you're laying down you can see the stars.

when we woke up in the morning we ate our breakfast on the beach and just talked for what seemed like hours.

it was so pretty and peaceful.

it was exactly what we needed.


  1. those pictures are gorrggeeeoouuss!
    now i want a babycation, minus the baby. haha

  2. think of all the cool places you can take your little girls!
    what a great trip!


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