Sunday, October 10, 2010

baby showers!

i was fortunate enough to have two baby showers thrown for me....
one by my work and one by my sister and girlfriends!
(thank you everyone!)

laura, amanda, ashley, and sarah threw me a shower on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

there was food....
a yummy soup and salad bar with chinese chicken salad, garden salad, potato salad, butternut squash soup, and roasted red pepper soup.

there were drinks....

there were people....

there was a dessert and candy bar...

there was a cotton candy machine!!!

there were presents....

there was yankee love...

there was earl's family....

there was (some of) my family....

there was *FINALLY* a good picture of amanda and i after 6 years of friendship.....

....and there was a big, ROUND baby bump!

it was SUCH a wonderful day and i am truly grateful for the hard work that everyone put in! i am so grateful for the friends and family that came and generously gave to our little girls! there is no doubt that they will be well taken care of by all of our loving friends and family.

a few weeks earlier i had a shower with my coworkers at my home....

only girls work at our branch!


time is ticking down!
i am already 30 weeks!
i just ordered the babies' car seats and washed almost all of their clothing and bedding.
it's happening!

1 comment:

  1. yay!
    i can't wait until your beautiful little girls are here!
    if you need anything, just let me know
    i need to keep my nannying skills fresh & get my baby fix
    (to tide me over until i finish school)haha.
    anndd youll probably need to sleep, eventually.
    it's a win-win.


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