Thursday, September 2, 2010

24 week belly shots!

so the earlster and i were invited to a wedding of one of the attorney's at the law office i work at.
i found this cute little dress in the junior's clearance section at target.

i know, right?
i don't care, it fits! it's even a little big.
i buy clothes bigger now because i'm only going to get bigger.
it's so weird that i'm growing into my clothes now.
i feel like i'm in 4th grade.
but knocked up.
instead of jeans needing to be looooonger, i need them to be bigger around the waist. with ELASTIC. so weird.


so this lovely little dress what seriously almost mid-thigh (in the front) with this giant bump of mine.
so i added some length.
just some navy blue cotton sewed to the lining. easy-peasy.
and we went to the mall before the wedding to get some socks for the man of the house.
we even bought some for the girls.
they were so tiny they got stuck in the washer!
while we were at the mall, my lovely husband went into forever 21 with me. now THAT'S love.
he even held my purchase.
and stood in line while i continued to look.
and PAID for my sweater at the register while i STILL looked.
i cannot even express how much i LOVED that.
that's the only undesirable thing about shopping and i didn't have to do ANY of it!
i love my hubby.

so here is the final product with said sweater because it was a breezy, cool night.

here is a better picture of the bump.....

and here we are....a little blurry, but i'll take it....

i love my man.
he's so good to me.

and congrats to the new mr. and mrs. lawton!

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