Wednesday, August 18, 2010

RIBS: Are They Really Necessary?

today on my to-do list i have many things.

one is to actually clean my M E S S Y house that is in the process of being reorganized by the ADD-nesting me. literally EVERY room is a mess. apparently i can't seem to complete one task before moving on to the next.

but another item on my list is the one that i really want to look into.
rib removal.
is that even possible? i need to research removal options. i know that they are meant to "protect" my organs and keep a structural shape, but can't i just get rid of them for a little bit? why you may ask? because they HURT like a mofo. i don't even really know WHAT a mofo is, but all i know is that it hurts to breathe, lie down, and wear a bra. i even checked for bruising or cracks (seriously, they hurt THAT bad) but found nothing. i guess i'll just have to get comfortable with the fact that i sleep sitting propped up with 4 large pillows and a travel neck pillow. (oh and babies: when you read this someday and think this is hilarious/stupid/ridiculous, don't worry, i'll find this and show this to you when YOU have YOUR babies. i love you, but you're hurting me!...i can't really blame you though, it's not like i've given you a lot of room to move around, but take that up with Grandma and Grandpa Padgett, they made me.)

*side note*
i'm REALLY not complaining, i'm being informative. and i still wouldn't trade this for the world. i'm very grateful for my little babies!

ok, back to eating my fruit roll-up. ciao.

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  1. thanks for throwing US under the bus - we did some of our best work with you!!


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