Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SOOOOO many "firsts"

these last couple weeks have brought on a lot of firsts for me,
some of them pleasant and some of them NOT.

so i have compiled a list of firsts divided by pleasantness.


*i made my first cheesecake from SCRATCH. it was really good. i must say though, if the recipe calls for almond flavoring, as mine did, add the teeniest tiniest bit. it gets stronger when you bake it. so now i have an almond cheesecake. haha.

*i have been sleeping as much as my hear desires for the first time in a LONG time. and boy has my body needed it. woohoo for no more school!

*completed the top of one of the babies quilts. i was so happy before "the incident." (see below in NOT so pleasant)

*gave my hubby his first shower post surgery! he had corrective knee surgery last week. poor baby. but it was a pleasant experience. not because he stunk (he hardly ever does) but because it made me happy to have him happy and clean.

*entered my SECOND trimester. hopefully the sickness will stop!

*made my first pot of sinagang. I think that's how it's spelled. It's kind of a spicy sour soup with beef, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, and green beans. It's one of Earl's favorite Filipino dishes and I made it ALL by myself. I used to think it was SO gross (mostly because it was so different than anything else I have ever had) but now I love it.

NOT so pleasant:

*spilling grape juice ALL over one of the baby's quilts i am making. and these are hardcore cool quilts. vintage linens and hand quilting. yep, you heard me, HAND QUILTING. so after running upstairs (literally the first time i have ran in months) to the cleanest of the bathrooms (don't judge) and getting it in water.....BALLING.....my lovely husband starts to yell out the best remedies for removing grape juice stains. (i should really compile a laminated "go to" list of food stain removal remedies seeing as i know this will not be the last time. sigh) i grabbed the shout and laundry detergent while he said this, but quickly decided to try lemon juice first. it turned the purple stain pink. improvement, but not exactly what i was looking for. i spilled the juice on the backing of the quilt which also happened to be pink, but i wanted the stain GONE. so here is where the vinegar came in. oh how i love vinegar. after dabbing and scrubbing, it came out. COMPLETELY! so i rinsed the quilt and now it is sun drying in the backyard. apparently drying items in the sun that have been stained tends to help remove the stain whereas drying them in the dryer bakes in the stain forever.

*got my first sunburn of the summer. seriously, i was out there for like an hour! ugh.

*have been taking zofran (anti-nausea pills) 24-7 for a week and a half and STILL have not gained any weight. i've actually LOST a pound since i found out i was pregnant. that's really not THAT bad, but it's not really good either. especially when i have TWO babies that are growing inside me.

that's all i can think of right now....so many new changes!
the only thing constant in life is change, right?


  1. Zofran was my miracle drug only thing that could help me keep anything down. If I got super sick and couldn't keep the zofran down I would have to do an IV with zofran to start back on track and if I missed a pill it would start all over again. I hope things get better. I puked til the end and don't wish that on anyone (well except those who don't get sick at all and brag about it. :) )

  2. I think pregnancy makes your skin more sensitive to sun, thats probably why you burned after an hour!
    Oh my gosh that it so amazing you got the grape juice out! I have seriously given myself a "no drinking out of the kitchen" rule for grape juice because for some reason a hole magically appears in my bottom lip while drinking it and it drips all over me... every time. Ask Phil!
    Cant wait to see some prego pics of u!


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