Sunday, June 20, 2010

a day for fathers

today is father's day.
i have a great father.
his name is rand.
everyone in his family calls him rand-y. but his name is rand. kinda funny.
here is a little about him........

he helped me orchestrate a surprise visit to panguitch to visit my mom for mother's day their first year living there.
we came up with this great scheme.
we tried to convince my mom that she was "ready" to adopt a pit bull puppy like our nadia.
THEN we hinted that she was going to be getting a delivery at the airport at the "cargo counter."
just before my mom and dad drove the 2 hours to the airport, he threw a leash in the back of the truck for good measure. and made sure she saw it.
so when i was the special delivery, she was shocked. and happy. good job dad.

he used to be a cop.
his dad was a chp officer. his brother is now, too.
he worked for the police department for over 25 years.
he did youth services, was a detective, a swat team sergeant and many other things.
this picture was taken at his retirement party 6 years ago.

here he is at my sister laura's wedding.
he's a boy at heart, can you tell?

he has good friends that are just as silly as he.
here are two of my parents best friends. i've known them practically my whole life. earl was best friends with their son in high school.
they're wearing our sunglasses.
silly anna and dave.
(i don't think my dad has ever seen this picture. i'm sure he'll get a kick out of it!)

my dad has always been very supportive of just about everything i've done. (i only say "just about" because he didn't support some of my old boyfriends in high school and rightfully so....he supports good decisions....haha)
here he is with earl and i when our house was being built.

he and my mom have been married for over 30 years.
they are still very much in love.
how cute are they?
this was taken at big hat days this year.

he loves junk food just as much as i do.
growing up and going grocery shopping with dad was the BEST.
oreos and pop tarts always made it into the shopping cart.

here he and i are at big hat days.
no one would go down the slide with him!
it was so much fun.

my dad was in afghanistan for a year.
it was long and dangerous, but he came home safely :)

when my dad was on one of his two leaves during that long year, we all went to monterey.
it was my 25th birthday and dad was home!! we all were ready to spend time together and have fun.
so, we got our faces painted.
he said to me, "i'll get my face painted if you do too."
i replied, "fine! but i get to pick them out!!"
he got a spider with a spider's web (spiderman) and i got a butterfly.
we definitely got some funny looks from people, but we couldn't care any less.

while in monterey we went kayaking, just the two of us.
such a great experience.

here we are at my graduation dinner that they hosted for me.
it was so yummy.
they were very generous.
what can i say?
always supportive.

hehe, this picture was taken while i was visiting my parents in utah.
i think it's safe to say that life is at a much slower pace there :)

and here is our family circa 2004.
i can speak for all of us when i say that we all love and adore the head of our family, rand alan padgett.
he is a great father and priesthood holder.

i hope you have a great father's day dad!
you're the best!
we love you!

AND last but definitely not least, a little shout out to my loving hubby and father-to-be.....

i love you. SO much.
you are going to be such a great father to our little ones.
i can't wait to see you with them in 5 months!!


  1. Amy (your sissy and rand-a-land's daughter)June 20, 2010 at 5:22 PM

    i admit i cried a little bit....beautiful....

  2. Laura (your sissy and Rand-alans daughter)June 21, 2010 at 8:04 AM

    I am crying a little bit right now actually. Beautifully written if i just wore water proof mascara today....


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