Wednesday, May 26, 2010

we have a built-in ladies and gentlemen!

we had this lovely built-in put in last month.
we have wanted one to better use the media center space and thanks to a nice tax return we made sure we got it done.
we sold our monster tv and bought a different one. AND got a bunch of new speakers (not shown). sigh. so many speakers. but i've gotta keep the duke happy, right?
so i didn't take a picture of the built-in before we painted it. dang it!
it was cheaper to have it made and installed without paint. like hundreds of dollars cheaper.
and BOY was it a lot of work.
LOTS of sanding and nail covering.
TWO coats of primer. THREE to FOUR coats of swiss coffee white.
and caulking.
many, many hours.
AND i had to wear a mask cause i'm preggo!
that was not fun.

and i still need to get decorative stuff to put in the top cubbies.
the cable box is no longer on the top, it's below hidden by the doors. we had to get an infrared thingy to change the channels with the doors being closed. and we didn't have it yet when i took this pic.

oh and we hung the concrete painting that's above the fireplace.
i had to fix the fireplace mantle.
the weight from the painting and the heat from the fireplace would peel off paint every time we moved the painting.
so more sanding. and hole filler. and priming. and painting.
a little crazy but worth it :)
gotta love home improvements!

oh and the stars that were behind the old tv are going in the nursery!


  1. OH!
    mmm built ins make me heart melt.


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