Wednesday, May 19, 2010

sometimes i am just so C R A P T A S T I C !

what is craptastic?
when something is so fantastic and crappy all at the same time.

allow me to explain.....

so today i had T H R E E finals to end out my junior year.


it started with math at 8:45 this morning (which actually was quite welcome because it is normally at 8 am!) and me being so sick with morning sickness (aka anytime and all-day sickness) i reluctantly met my breakfast again once i put my car into park. at least i had an empty cup in which to contain it. then i took a drink of water. then i met that again.
so sorry, tmi. but this will make my craptastic make sense.
so off i went to my final.
then off i went to work for 4 hours at the law firm.
i drank maybe 12 ounces of a jamba juice smoothie (gift card courtesy of miss carissa - thank you bunches! shoutout!) and i was done.
i had some pellegrino with lime and that was it.
off to final #2, physics. blah!
it really wasn't so bad.
then, freedom for 4 hours until my next final (history) that i had yet to study for.
i was kinda hungry.
still feeling terribly queasy and sick, nothing sounded good.

as i rounded the corner to my home i somehow got thinking about macaroni and cheese.
not the glorious gourmet sarah lopez kind [my wonderfully talented chef friend that makes T H E best bacon macaroni and cheese], the kind that i would most likely have in my cupboard: instant with powdered cheese.

then i realized i only had almond milk. that would make some funny tasting fake cheese.
so i checked a cupboard and low and behold.....a ziplock bag filled with half of the contents of a normal velveeta mac and cheese mix.

i love myself sometimes.
so i made it.
and i ate it ALL.
it has very, VERY little nutrients for my little babies, but it was so craptastic. crappy for the babies and i, but fantastic for the queasy, horrible feeling stomach.

so that my friends, is what craptastic is.
lets hope the sickness goes away but the babies stay healthy!

and thanks so much for all of the many well wishes! it warms my heart! :)


  1. haha you're eating for THREE now.
    im sure those babies and you needed the calories!!
    carrots and apples can wait.
    ps i just finished painting our fireplace + accent wall. im in love. i need to post pictures soon. annndd im DYING to stripe up our bathroom.

  2. When I was heaving my guts out 24/7 with Owen I would have to get IV fluids and they told me go it and I said the only thing that sounds good is a hamburger. The nurses reply, you need the calories! Eat whatever you can eat.

  3. I figure, mac and cheese that stays in the belly is better than a salad that's gonna come up in 5 minutes! Pregnancy eating is kind of like being in survival mode...just do whatever it takes to get through it, and don't feel guilty about it! :)


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