Monday, May 17, 2010

.....and babies make FOUR!!!

we are P R E G N A N T with T W I N S!!!

it's been a L O N G time coming!

little did the duke and i know that when we got married we would have such a hard time trying to make ourselves a little family.
after so many prayers, so many tears, so many sad days, sad YEARS (f i v e to be exact), we were blessed with a miracle. TWO miracles.
you will never hear me complaining about morning sickness, pain, fatigue, or any of the other crazy and uncomfortable things that are associated with pregnancy because i really am S O grateful. [can you tell i wrote that before i really felt anything horrible? i wrote this post about a month ago and was going to wait to publish it. now i have mad nausea ALL day long sprinkled with the random-yet-too-often-for-comfort barfing session. sorry, TMI, i know. i STILL try to not complain, really i do! but i am so grateful that my babies are growing well!]
if i'm sore/tired/nauseated it means that my baby is growing.
i'm grateful for that.

i can't wait to see my husband become a father.
the cutest thing in the world is seeing him rub my belly (oh yeah, it's growing, as are other things....) and gazing at it knowing his little babies are in there.
i love it how randomly he tells me little tidbits about pregnancy. LOVE it.

so now i feel like i am so unprepared!
i don't have names picked out! we picked some out FIVE years ago when we started trying and now they're super popular names, so no thank you, i'm not going to name my baby today's equivalent of the jessica's/jennifer's/ashley's of my growing up time. (*disclaimer: no offense if that's your name, they're perfectly LOVELY names, i just don't want to pick a super common name so she has to be known with her last initial/name so anyone knows who you're talking about. but at the same time, i'm not going to pick a crazy name that no one knows how to spell. poor kid.)

i stopped thinking about my babies. well, ok, honestly i never stopped THINKING about them, but i stopped PLANNING things for them....names, nursery decor, birth plan, etc.
so now i'm playing catch up!

it's crazy!
it's wonderful!

now i can crack open "what to expect when you're expecting" that i've had for 5 years and feel like i can actually apply the advice that is given.
i can go on and see the countdown (or count-up?) to 40 weeks.
i'm planning the nursery. goodbye guest room, HELLO nursery! sorry guests, your room is gone. (i'm really not that sorry...hehe)

i'd post a pic of the prego tests, but that's kinda gross. i peed on those. and you bet i tested early! i was supposed to wait until monday morning, but guess who had ants in her pants and did one thursday NIGHT? it was positive. so was the one saturday morning. so was the blood test on monday!
we're so blessed!

oh and my due date is december 19th. but that's if i go 40 W E E K S! twins never go that long. 36 weeks is considered full term for twins. so maybe thanksgiving time? eek! crazy!!

ooooh and i got this dresser for their nursery! i LOVE it! it's just low enough to be a changing table too :)

the picture says "be kind to others" and tucked away in the bottom right corner of the pic is a mirror that i'm going to put above the dresser/changing table. and we scored a free crib...i'm going to paint an accent's going to be beautiful! :)



  1. C O N G R A T S !!
    I am SO happy for you guys. What a blessing!

  2. there was a reason why you NEEDED that mirror!
    way to go for following your instincts.
    i am SO happy for you guys : )

  3. hey i just got your comment and OHMYGOODNESS!
    that sounds absolutely gorgeous.
    those are acutally the colors of our house : )
    haha. thats crazy
    i think we are decorating soulmates.
    i cant wait to see pictures!
    and i LOVE the idea of a
    "non baby" nursery.
    so classy..
    ahh im dying to see it!
    ps i want to paint stripes SO bad in the downstairs bathroom. haha.
    in love.

  4. I'm so happy for you guys!! Your babies are going to have the cutest have such great style!! And I can't wait to hear the names you pick out, I know they will be great!! :)

  5. I know I've told you a BILLION times but I'm sooooooo happy for you! You got double the blessings (literally) for having to wait so long and endure so much heartache! You are going to make such a fabulous mommy! Much love! Xoxo

  6. I cant wait to see what kind of projects you undertake for these babies and their room!! I will live through you and your blog these next few months!
    Oh I talked to Renee and she says she doesnt do twins and you would have to see douroughs! Theyll be great tho Im sure, ive heard good things. Love you guys!

  7. Love it Erin!!! So happy for you!!!! Xoxoxo miss seeing you and chatting!!

  8. Congrats! What a fun time to find your blog. We are so happpy for you both. You'll be great parents. It was fun to check out your blog and see what you've been up to. Here's ours...

    Congrats again. I can't believe you are having twins!


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