Wednesday, March 10, 2010

we got a puppy!

crazy, right?
the way it happened was even crazier!
so napoleon has been having a few health issues lately (poor of his nicknames....napoleon to polie to polie bear [like polar bear] then just bear....)
being a bichon frise, they have really sensitive skin
well, bear has developed hot spots (irritable spots located around the body that itch that they lick and lick....he licked himself bald in one spot, plus it turns his hair pink! ugh!)
so we have changed his food,
changed his shampoo,
shampooed him WAY less,
put a cone collar on him,
and got him some all natural hot spot spray....all to no avail
he would still find away to scratch away, sometimes breaking the skin and making himself all bloddy.
TERRIBLE, right?
so frustrating!!
we did TONS of research...we decided that maybe he's stressed...since that is one of the reasons why these develop.
we figured he doesn't like being alone when we're at work, so why not get him a companion?

so then we researched some more.
earl loves research.
i have wanted a cavalier king charles spaniel for a long time, so we even looked at those.
the cheapest one we found was like $600!
i don't think so....
i'm SO not ready right now to pay that much for a dog.
so then we looked at our favorite place online......craigslist.
if you know earl and i, then you know that we get just about everything off of CL
our dining room table, barstools, refrigerator, computer armoire, tv, couch, wii, xbox, NAPOLEON, etc.
get the picture?
we're dealsters.
we don't mind buying new, but why not buy almost new much cheaper?
it's like a no brainer!

so earl found a posting for some bichon puppies...for $300 a piece!
uhhhh, again, i don't THINK so!
long story short, i picked up Jacques (jack, but french, pronounced kinda like jock?) on my LUNCH BREAK at Uncle Harry's for $80.
love me a good deal.
ESPECIALLY when the face is as cute as this...

and we took them both to the vet, got them their shots and polie an antibiotic for his hot spots. he's doing much better!!
they're so cute together, i think it was exactly what napoleon needed!
oh brothers......

notice anything different?

(excuse my mess.....)

i painted! *again*......
i did a lot more, but i haven't taken pictures of it yet.

look what i scored!
another CL find.....

this is obviously the BEFORE picture.....
doesn't it have so much potential??
i'm going to sand it and repaint and restain it....
AND put some really awesome fabric lining on the inside.
i have a vision....

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