Thursday, March 11, 2010

a little bit of progress. . . .

remember that trunk from my last post?
i've done a little bit of work on it.
it's going to take a while!
so this is what i have done.....

i used some of this, it is definitely needed....

i did a lot of this.....

even more of this.....

while watching this.....

they are so hilarious.
little jacques has really perked up polie. i'm psyched! (plus they give each other some pretty good workouts!)

so this is what i am left with after using the paint remover......

attractive, isn't it?
here is the latch? lock? thingy? latchlockthingy? yeah.

it still needs a LOT of work.
see the tiny little bits of green paint?
see how the lock thingy looks gold? and DIRTY? under the green in the dirt looking stuff. or it's gold stuff. or it's black stuff. if i sand it more, it turns to a really pretty silver metal color.

it already looks a LOT better!
i can't wait until it's done!!

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