Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Erin Go Braugh! Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

i have always liked and hated saint patty's day.
i liked it because of the fun green food (except eggs, that's just gross), candy, and my name means ireland, but i hated it because you always have to wear green! i don't like it when people/holidays dictate what i must wear.
i'm weird, i know.
but who REALLY likes to be told what to do?
anywho...i did wear green today. i don't wanna get pinched!
and i made this little gem over the weekend. oh how i love weekends.

wanna know how?

go buy moss, a glue gun with extra glue sticks and a giant paper mache letter. i got mine 75% off because it was a little bent/torn.
little did the nice checkout girl know that i was just going to cover it up. . . i just nicely said, "this is the last one (it really was) and it's a little messed up!" to which she replied, "oh ok, i'll just damage it out. do you still want it?" to which i replied, "sure, why not?"
it was $2.25!

this is what the moss looks like...i used my 40% off joann's coupons and grabbed 2 packages...

then snip it to the correct size with scissors and glue away! (i didn't do the back, though. no one is going to see the back anyways)
i put mine up in the living room, but it would be really cute on a mantle or even as a wreath on a door with some wide satin ribbon to hang it....cute, cute!

happy saint patty's day from the mercados!

1 comment:

  1. that turned out so good!!!
    i love love love it!

    i cant wait for all my reception pictures to come back.
    i made SOOOO many moss letters.
    it was ridiculous. haha
    you're going to die.
    you know that glue gun hand ache?
    yeah. it lasted for daayyysss.


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