Wednesday, March 31, 2010

blog giveaways

....i have a love/hate relationship for blog giveaways.
it's quite pathetic.

and it goes like this.....

one day you go onto one of your favorite blogs.......

"oooh look at that!"
"look at that cool picture!"
"is she hinting about a giveaway?"
"she is!!! there is is!"
"ooooooooooooh i would love that necklace/bag/cookbook/whatever!!!"
"what should i say in my comment?"
"does she read each one or do that thing?"
"maybe if i write something really good she'll just pick me and forget about that thing!"
"what to write....what to write!!??"
"oh i really want that necklace/bag/cookbook/whatever!!"
"it's PERFECT!"
"ok, here it goes, goodbye little comment, good luck!!"

when the contest is over, you go back to the blog.
"did i win it?!?!"
"UGH, this SUCKS!! i HATE blog giveaways! i'm never going to enter one AGAIN! all these false hopes!!"

"oh look, so-and-so is doing a giveaway!!! what should i write as my comment???"

see? i hate them.
just let me win and i will love you again.
the odds of winning a blog giveaway are SO much better than the lottery.
so why am i not winning???
stupid blog giveaways.

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