Monday, February 8, 2010

NASA Ames Research Center

today i went to NASA.

this is where i went, moffett field. its in the bay area, right by some prissy college. i think its called stanford?

i never really thought much about NASA before a few weeks ago.
i was never really interested in aeronautics or other spacey-things, but csuf has partnered with NASA to offer pre-service teacher training.
now, i think space is cool. i loved apollo 13 when it came out.
but i might go there for two weeks, live in the barracks and be taught by astronaut's teachers...that's cool.
i *think* i'm going to go, but i'm not sure. so today was the orientation. it was cool.
the coolest thing was seeing pictures like this.....

and then i found out that there are t h o u s a n d s of pictures like this that we can use for free. that's right. our tax dollars paid for them, so we can download them and do whatever (well, whatever the limited use rules say, but you know what i mean).
i slept a little on the way there.
i slept more on the way back.
now i'm pretty wide awake at 12:14 pm.
now, i'm going to get back to watching apollo 13.

(oooh and i bought a gold airplane charm there for $1.69 and found a chain for it in the garage last week when i was looking for something else [that i didn't find] and i'm so excited! i love it!)

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