Tuesday, February 9, 2010

dear france....

i love you. i miss you. i had such a good time seeing you in november and december.
i have so many pictures of you (literally, thousands) and hope that you never change.
i have keepsakes from our time together and look at them often.
i see pictures of you on my screen saver slideshow.
what a tease you are!
here i am trying to study/read/paying-attention-in-class/tying-to-look-like-i'm-paying-attention-in-class and here you are, floating in front of my very eyes.
you FLIRT.
you know i can't go back to see you anytime soon!
you know that you're so expensive.
spending your euros is like breathing air.
especially on the champs elysees (thanks, babe!).
you KNOW i have 3 more semesters to get my bachelors and then 3 MORE semesters after that in the graduate program to get my teaching credential and am. so. busy.
yet you tease me with your pictures of loveliness.
and remind me of the pan du chocolats from the boulangerie that kept me from losing ANY weight on that trip while i walked several, several miles a day.
and then i see pictures of me eating PAUL.
oh, paul.
your lovely bread. and cheese. and other incredible stuff.
i am an easy girl to please.
but stop teasing me!
i already miss you terribly...
i always knew that i would see you.
why else does a girl from clovis, california take 3 years of francais?
that's dedication, i was only required to take 2.
it's cause i knew i'd love you.
and i do.
you made me cry, remember?
cause i finally got to see you.
so please, stay as lovely as you already are.
and stop teasing me.

one of your *many* lovers (you're french, i understand, i'm not jealous....)

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