Friday, January 15, 2010


i forgot that i had an extra week of freedom before school starts up again next week. how funny is that? so what does one do when one has extra time on her hands?

*make a fantasticly ruffled pillow (there WILL be more)

*finish quilt #2

*begin to organize our hundreds of europe pictures into photo albums (albums with full 12x12 pages, photo corners and the one your grandma has with those cool square black and white pictures...that was my inspiration. have you realized how tacky some albums are? with those lines on the sides for "memos" or ones with pages with 3 horizontal and 2 vertical slots for pictures? i mean, how can you really make sure they all flow with such limitations? these will be fantastic after i jazzy them up with fabric and such....just wait, you'll see......)

*eat the endless soup, salad, and breadsticks lunch at olive garden with ashley complete with a vent-session and 2-hour shopping extravaganza at target. (i got ballet flats and the cutest one-piece swimsuit ever)

*watched the bachelor with only one other girl and THREE boys (2 weeks in a row and now a tradition)

*set up my NEW pink kitchenaid mixer that i have wanted for y e a r s. i finally had enough bonus points at work to order it in time for my birthday! (i have also scored my caphalon cookware set, le creuset cookware set, ipod, dirt devil cone, caphalon knives, and a slr camera from these bonus points...i love it)

*make ADORABLE pincushions

*watch the premiere of project runway

*plan the theme and props for an upcoming photoshoot featuring yours truly....

*make the pattern for quilt #3 since i can't find any that match my vision....(it's actually going to be a geometric shape that i's from a typing font named "hawaiian quilt" and it's the "e" that i'm going to use. it sounds kinda crazy right now, but when it's done, it'll blow your mind)

*and many other amazing things that i never seem to get to do during the school semester.

so now i get to spend the weekend in my pajamas, wake up to breakfast in bed on my birthday (thank you in advance duke, i won't look in the fridge to spoil the surprise), eat brazillian bbq for lunch with my sister and pf changs with my hubby for dinner--all tomorrow for my birthday! so i will be entering into my 26th year with a crafted out heart and 4 extra pounds from celebratory feasting. c'est la vie!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Erin. You amaze me. Honestly, I feel pretty good about what I did with my spare time if I update my blog and make dinner. You are so crafty and creative. I think you should open up a little shop right from your cute loft. Earl could be the receptionist. I'm just saying. :) I'd like to order one of everything please. By the way, Happy (11 hours late) birthday my wonderful friend! I hope it was loads of fun - can't wait to hear about it. Let's talk soon. Love you!


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