Friday, January 1, 2010

happy christmas!

i know it's a little late to be saying happy/merry christmas, but it's better late than never, right? since the duke and i went to europe on thanksgiving, i was unwilling to go just about anywhere for christmas. i was willing to go to my grandmothers, seeing as her home is a short 35 minutes away. that's totally do-able. so we went and came home to have a relaxing night by the fire and twinkling christmas tree.

i L O V E my tree this year. it's so girly. last year it was blue, teal, and silver, so this year i wanted just the opposite. christmas came and went so fast this year! i think was due to trying to get over the jet-lag and massive heap of suitcases, souvenirs, shoes, and laundry that remained on my side of the bedroom floor a solid 10 days (maybe longer). finals killed me this year and BOY was i glad for them to be over. i need to do better next semester.

in my family we had a gingerbread (well, graham cracker) house contest, girls vs. boys, and the boys won! :( so i took it upon myself to make a REAL gingerbread house all by myself. test it out. experiment. it's not the most grand lighthouse (it doesn't even really look like a lighthouse, i know....) because i didn't want to spend a bunch of time and money on this thing. so here it is.

sleepy napoleon...that boy has the life. plus he just got some new clothes.....

I'm NOT one of those girls that dresses up her dog in all sorts of crazy crap....this is just because he gets so cold outside! he's a bichon frise mix, so he doesn't have fur, he has hair. and it doesn't keep him very warm. so really, just one little jacket......not that bad. and he looks so happy and cute wearing it!

i FINALLY finished my first quilt that i started earlier this year. each layer of the roses were appliqued on. they were such a pain to sew around. but so worth it in the end. :)

i also finished a few aprons....they take a lot of time! for something so small and somewhat simple, they take like 2 hours each! but look how worth it they are....

happy christmas!

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  1. I love your decorations!! And I LOVE that quilt!!! I want to start making a quilt for when we get Sadie a twin bed, so you are going to have to help me pick out a pattern and the fabric! I love your style!


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