Sunday, January 24, 2010

college and a grassy field

both of those things are new again.
i went back to school. *sigh*
when i was on break it felt like school was a distant memory.
now that i'm back and walking the same ol' halls, it's like i never left.
again, *sigh.*

i have wanted some nice pictures of earl and i for a while.
we haven't had any pictures taken of us since our wedding almost 6 years ago!
so i convinced ashley to take some pictures of us. she has the same exact slr that we do and was eager to practice. i was eager to be a test subject! so here they are......
i was originally wanting to make it look like an interrupted picnic in the foothills, but it rained and hailed and snowed all this week. so this big, grassy field just had to do. and i think it did quite well.....

there is a little story with this one.....we were dancing. more like funky-not-really-dancing dancing. i think its hilarious. i love it.

ashley took all of these pictures except for this last one of little napoleon aka "polie." he was such a good sport during this whole photo shoot, but he looked so cute just laying there in the grass i stole my camera from ash and took a few of little polie. he's such a goofy little guy!

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