Wednesday, December 16, 2009

oh europe, how i love thee....

this is going to be the longest post EVER. brace yourself. and i took over 2200 pictures (earl helped a little....) so i will try to limit the mass amounts that i post on here. and these pictures will not do europe justice....i tried to take pictures without other tourists in them, do you know how hard that is? So if it looks like these places were empty....they weren't. i just don't like other people in my pictures. yeah, i'm weird, but i just think it looks better. so let me tell you a little about our trip, we were gone for two glorious weeks and went to london, paris, rome, paris again, liverpool, and then london again to come home. it was a lot of traveling around for such a short period of time, but SO worth it.

we did TONS of stuff. like.....
walked through hyde park

saw the princess diana memorial fountain

took pictures with red phone booths

got rained on
went to picadilly circus (and it IS a circus)
saw buckingham palace and waited for the changing of the guard that didn't happen

took pictures with queen victoria

took pictures with beefeaters

went to westminster abbey ("hands down, best abbey ever." name that line.....) and listened to the latin choir

took pictures even though signs posted said not to

ate an "english breakfast" for the first and last time

watched a kanye west video complete with sign language

see the time in the bottom left corner? 4:56? that's 4:56 in the morning british time. 8:56 pm at home. i think it's safe to say our sleep patterns were messed up for a little while, don't you think?

saw the rosetta stone!

went to shakespears globe

went to big ben, the tower of london, and the london bridge

saw the london eye
saw parliament and one downing street
would have died in a pedestrian vs. car accident if it weren't for these words painted on the ground

went shopping at harrods

ate thai food that was so hot it burned earl's little tummy

rode the underground
rode the bus
saw saint paul's cathedral

used pink toilet paper in paris ("with rose colored glasses, only in paris where the air is pink this makes sense...")

took a train through the makes your ears pop a lot

saw the eiffel tower for the first time......and cried.

walked the champs elysees from the louvre to the l'arc de triomphe (its a really long ways)

was surprised with a lovely christmas present from louis vuitton

watched my husband eat 4 giant sausages in 4 days

rode the metro in paris.....and even made friends on them

spoke french
ate french churros

had to get used to the time being 17:30 and 22:00 instead of 5:30 and 10:00 pm
saw the mona lisa

saw the winged victory of samothrace

walked the louvre for over 8 hours

went to versailles and took pictures in the gardens

kissed my hubby on top of the eiffel tower

ate baguettes everyday

wished i could eat paul everyday

ate macarons from laduree

discovered pan au chocolat

fell in love again....
with my husband and paris
realized i could easily live in paris
went to notre dame

found a "rue clovis" in paris!

saw so much gold and painted ceilings it was impossible to count

took pictures of paris graffiti.....angels and the word 'amore' in cursive

didn't get to go inside the musee d'orsay because it was on strike (what the!!)

saw the most ornate, beautiful chandeliers ever

went to the pantheons (paris and rome)

saw the oculus and coffered ceiling!!!

went to the colosseum

saw the roman forum and ruins

stole a brick
saw trajans column

ate gelato

went to mass in saint peters basilica

saw the sistine chapel

ate italian brushetta, pizza, and tortellini

spent euros like air
spoke italian
went to saint angelo's castle

saw a giant communist street riot

saw AMAZING statues in marble and bronze

threw coins in the trevi fountain

went to vatican city

ate the best tiramisu EVER
got a cold
got a severely sore throat from all the roman cigarette smoke
went to earl's mba graduation. (congrats baby! i'm so proud of you!)

froze our bootys off
tried to understand cabbies through their accents
saw a liverpool game at anfield

did an anfield stadium tour and museum tour

saw a liverpool game at everton

got 50 super inquisitive questions from the border patrol lady in liverpool
made a complete indian dinner with rice and naan for 5 pounds!! (i was excited....and it was GOOD!)

sent a postcard royal mail

went to the beatles museum

walked several miles a day
saw so many crazy english signs

we had such an amazing time in europe. i am so thankful that we were able to go on this trip and that my parents housesat for us and taking care of our babies!

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  1. Looks like such a fun vacation. I totally miss London and their crazy signs. Did you happen to look at their cigareete boxes? I love their warnings!


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