Tuesday, November 10, 2009

n a p o l e o n

last week earl and i adopted a three year old bichon frise!
i've never had a smaller dog, nadia is my first dog...
here is our little man napoleon the day we got him...

so big and fluffy like a giant teddy bear!

he hadn't been groomed in a very long time.
years, maybe.
so we tried to do it ourselves.
you know, save a buck.
well, that didn't turn out so well.

you could have seen that coming, right?

so after trying to get out all of his matted knots, we gave up.
it was pure torture for the little guy, why put him through it?
so, we took him to petsmart to get shaved.

he looks like he lost 20 pounds!

he's so much fun.
everyone loves him.
he has such a funny little personality.
you should meet him, you'd love him.

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