Monday, November 9, 2009

All Hollows Eve

this year we hosted a halloween party!
i made decorations...

well these may not be the most halloweenish....
purple is included now in halloween.
i'm not crazy, i've seen it in stores....
and it's really hard to find lots of sheets of just orange tissue paper that's not ridiculously priced.
so i loved making these. they are my new favorite decoration.
i wish i could take credit for being the brain child behind them, but alas, it was martha.
martha who?
the martha, martha stewart!
or one of her staffers.
love it.
click here for a how to.

i made some black bunting flags.....
and stung some white and orange twinkle lights....

decorated with fall food...

had caramel apple cider with shrunken apple heads...

i made chili from scratch...
i've never done that before!
it turned out a m a z i n g, everyone loved it!
cornbread with butter and honey,
sarah's sweet potato fries with arugula sauce,
chips and dip,
laura's amazing cheesy dip (not pictured, we may have eaten it all already...)
and lots of other amazing things.

ashley made some amazing halloween treats!
lady fingers....
chocolate covered pretzels...

and since earl turns 30 on november 14th and didn't want a big deal made for his birthday...
i figured since all of our friends were together,
and he wouldn't suspect anything,
why not do a little surprise celebration?
i made him a german chocolate cake with homemade frosting.
i ended up using an entire bag of pecans AND coconut.
it smelled like heaven when i mixed it all together.

his candles were trick candles. hehe.
and then i made him some soccer jersey cupcakes!

the liverpool reds are his favorite team, so i made jerseys of his favorite players!
and i had a meltdown with the soccer balls
i accidently THREW AWAY the bag that had a new piping bag, piping tip for the grass, a coupler, and edible ink marking pens.
i was going to use white fondant with the black marker for the soccer balls.
ugh, it didn't happen. and i ran out of time to pipe on the names.
so i did it upstairs so earl wouldn't see.
so rushed....
i'm a perfectionist, i can't help it.
but he loved them so that's all that mattered, right? :)

here is my sister laura, me, her husband daniel (dj) and earl, i mean bill.

and here we have the other bank robbers, i mean presidents.
brad as jfk,
earl as clinton,
tyson as super creepy reagan (nothing against reagan, just the mask),
and steve as nixon.

here are the girls!
the lovely cowgirl morgan to my right,
then me, go trojans!
ashley is an adorable 7 months preggo ladybug
sarah is jessica simpson
and tara is book face! i mean facebook!

duke and i

tara and matt (ricky bobby)

ashley and tyson

steve and sarah

brad and morgan

morgsie and i posing in our backyard

gotta have the cheerleader shot...

and holly george came over as napoleon dynamite!!

she totally nailed it, she was awesome.
(we love you holly!)

it was such a fabulous night!
t h a n k y o u
big time to laura, ash, and sarah for helping me out so much that day!
why do i always bite off more than i can chew?

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