Wednesday, October 28, 2009

s o m e d a y

someday she will be mine.

is that weird, to pick out your dog well before you get it?
don't worry, she won't replace nadia
never, never, never will i do that.
but there are difficulties with having a bully breed.
constantly having people fear your dog,
not being allowed to take her into hotels (even though i did anyways, sorry whiskey pete's),
but, someday, i will have myself a little cavalier king charles spaniel.
i'm an animal lover!
i can't help it!

so the other day i was stalking craigslist for a chair like this...

and i found one for $35!
it looks just like this one, but instead of a sage green fabric, it's a antique rose color. it's awful.
my dear friends tyson and ashley offered to pick it up for me.
how sweet!
i don't have a truck, so that helps me out a lot.
so tyson calls me about 30 minutes after the pick-up was scheduled to occur.
tyson: "hey kirby, i have some good news and some bad news."
me: "uh, okay..."
tyson: "the good news is i have your chair!! the bad news is it flew out of my truck on the freeway."
me: "uh. REALLY? is it ok? are you ok?"
tyson: "yeah, i think it's fine. you're planning on reupholstering it, right? the back is all scratched up."
me: "oh yeah, i am! don't worry about it! really, i don't care about the old fabric!"

sweet tyson.
sweet ashley.
stinkin' gusts of air on the freeway!
i laughed though, that's hilarious.
so the good part is that i'm going to give my new chair a new facelift.
i think i'm going to make it look like this......

i don't know how to tuft.
but i've seen it done on tv-i can do it!
and i'm not sure about the white....
but i do want it to be neutral.
and classic.
and timeless.
so, when school is FINALLY over (well, on break)
i can tackle this.
but i have to find the perfect fabric in order to do so.
i will not settle.
it has to be beautiful.
it will be.
wish me luck!

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