Saturday, October 17, 2009

I should've been a cowboy, I should've learned to rope and ride...

i'm a cowgirl!
i can ride a bull.
well...a mechanical one.
i have proof.....

it was funnnnnnnnnn!

my girlfriend amanda also rode the bull.

i took video of her riding the bull.
but for her privacy...i will not show it.
she did amazing though!
plus she didn't get a big bruise on her leg from riding the bull like i did....


a story about these jeans.....
(i know they're tight.)

i bought these jeans when i was going to byu and working at abercrombie & fitch.
that was......hmmm....7 years ago.
i bought them when i was fresh outta high school, a little 18 year old.
i remember getting these jeans with one of my three 50% discounts that we got 4 times a year.
i thought that they were so expensive.
funny how jeans are way more expensive now?
i loved these jeans.
i wore them on my first unofficial date with my husband to santa monica.
when we were tumbling around tickling each other on the grass at the getty museum i got grass stains on the knees.
i teased him and told him that he had to buy me new ones.
(he still brings that up to this day...reminding me of what a silly girl i am)
i wore these jeans in our engagement pictures.
i haven't worn them for awhile because I've been spoiled with the designer jeans that my husband buys me that have spandex in them.
the above jeans have NO stretch, none whatsoever.
and i realized that as i was in line, about 30 seconds away from having to "mount" the bull.
i turned to amanda and said, "oh crap! how am i going to jump on that bull in these tight jeans? they don't stretch!!!!
oh man....."
but it turned out okay.
i was blessed for that.
i appreciate it.

amanda, me, ashley (and little baby tatum girl in her belly)

i love me some cotton candy.
super jumbo size?
yes, please.

amanda girl and her YUMMY chocolate covered banana rolled in nuts.
i want one right now as i type.
mmmm fair food.
i ate a zuchinni corn dog.
it was soooooooo good.
i was in such a hurry to eat it i didn't even take a picture.
and we didn't take a picture of amanda's corn dog either.
we were hungry.

here is duke with his jumbo 12" corn dog.
he had trouble finishing it.
at the end, he ate the dog and i ate the corn(meal).
whenever we eat pizza he eats the pie and i eat the crust.
and when we eat steak he eats my fat.
we're a perfect match.

did you notice the fancy red shoes?
they are his liverpool soccer adidas shoes.
he LOVES them.
i mean, really.
like he would wear them with every outfit if he could.

here we are at the stone temple pilots concert.
we look tired!
it was a fun night.

i love the fair.
i love fall.

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  1. have you seen confessions of a shopaholic? better yet.. have you read the books? i'm reading them. I LOVE them. Your description of designer jeans made me think about it. The stretchy stuff makes ALL the difference!


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