Friday, October 30, 2009

i seriously didn't even know this existed in california...

this picture is proof that my california studies class was worth the tuition.
is that weird?
kinda sad, maybe.
well, anyways....
so i'm writing a paper for said class about california's beaches.
researching i stumbled upon this gem....

lost coast, 1 mile north of shelter cove, ca
a black sand beach in california?!
i went to maui and was blown away by their black sand beach and had never heard of one before that day.
and then i find out that there is one here, 7 hours away from my home?
yeah, that's kinda far, but i've gotta see it!

road trip!!

(of course, when i'm not in school and procrastinating working on a term paper by blogging about it? eek, i've gotta go.)

but how cool is that beach?!


  1. That is a beautiful picture--beaches are one of the many benefits of us living in CA!!!

  2. Erin I had NO CLUE that beach existed either, when you go there on your roadtrip let me know how it is, Ive gotta see this as well! P.S. I was totally "blog stalking" on Chelseas blog and ran into yours, hope you dont mind but you are being added to my list of friends I "follow"...or "stalk" lol


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