Wednesday, September 16, 2009

this is what you do when you're a procrastinating college student

you take l a m e (and somewhat funny) pictures of yourself between classes that are spaced so far apart from one another but you deal with it because the budget crises caused the cancellation of convenient classes.

i live here now.
the house on toulouse lane?
the one i bought almost two years ago?
sleeping and showering quarters.
i don't even eat there anymore.
at least not really during the week.
but that's okay, if i have sour patch kids watermelon gummies,
almond m&m's,
baby goldish,
and smores chewy bars,
i'm good.


  1. your hair is getting so long. i looooooooooove it long. i totally remember the days of spending more hours at school than at home. i actually don't miss those days, even though i kinda liked school. cute pics!


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