Sunday, September 6, 2009

m y f i r s t g a m e a s a b u l l d o g

duke and i had the privilege of getting red seats to the fresno state vs. uc davis game
duke's little brother goes to uc davis
boooooo aggies
we always make fun of mitchell for being an aggie
it's not like he can't help it....he can help it, he CHOSE to go there!
and unfortunately for them they lost...
B I G time.
(i brought my camera to test out my new nikkor lens...SO impressed with everything that it did! cannot wait to take it to europe! so sorry, photo overload!!)

i love these new little shoes. target, $12.99! and yes, my feet are pasty white!


i don't quite remember what song was playing, but duke was participating. i was standing and dancing, and he was doing this....

the lady next to us said, "well at least he's in good spirits about the whole thing!"
very true.
he's staying positive.
i love that about him.


so when we arrived....(on two different golf carts...accompanying a man on crutches has it's perks!)....this was the score.




and then again...

and again...

and F I N A L L Y...

YAY! Go Dogs!

sorry aggies, you didn't stand a chance!
(even with our third string guys)
love ya mitch!

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  1. games like that make me sad. even if it's my fav' team that's winning it's like... poor little guys, probably gonna go home and cry. hope you're enjoying being a bulldog! miss those days - make sure you head over to the institute for some snacks or somethin'. :)


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