Saturday, August 29, 2009

Who doesn't love a makeover?

What can I say? I love paint. I love how it transforms a room. When we first oved into our house we painted it this color....

...It lasted for about six months. It was too green, too bright. So when we got this concrete painting (this was taken before we got it framed) I wanted to match the wall to the painting. So we painted it this lovely turquoise-teal color.

....It lasted for over a year. The wall behind this media pop-out is giant. It is just under 20 feet at its highest point and runs along the whole depth of the house. I was going to paint it the beige color that I painted all of the other rooms in the house, so I just decided to mix it up and paint the media wall as well.

(This picture makes the walls look peachy....they're a greyish beige, not peachy at all.)

I made some raspberry cupcakes using a Sprinkle's Cupcakes recipe...

They were sooooo good.

I also made some fried okra for Earl. He was craving it and I remember my Dad making it a lot when I was young. I never liked it. I thought it was so gross. But then I made these and was a little curious...

SO GOOD! I never thought I would like okra. But this recipe by Paula Dean was amazing and I couldn't stop eating them.

Since Earl's knee injury, he hasn't been out much. I convinced him to come swimming with me at my dear friend Amanda's house.

It was nice. It was warm, relaxing....perfect. Thanks Amanda for letting us come over! :)

I made some cute towels for my kitchen. I love them! (Kristen - you're getting one for guessing right on my last post!)

I also made some Amish Friendship Bread....

I made some and forgot to give the rest away right away....ooops....

Here is my Amy Butler Brick Path Quilt seen from downstairs looking up to the loft upstairs.

It's getting there! I'm working on the back right now, it's going to be amazing. The back will be just as cool as the front when I'm done. I'm excited!

Below is a before picture of my dining room chairs....I recovered them along with the matching 3 barstools for the kitchen bar area.

See? So plain, so boring.

I have wanted to recover these for the 22 months that we have had them, but haven't found the perfect fabric until yesterday. is the after!

love, love, love, love, love the after.
the barstools don't normally go there, but Earl's printer and fax machine are on the coffee table under the bar area. he gets to work from home.

i am loving the kitchen and dining room right now! :)

Oh, and this is the removable camera strap that I made for my Nikon! I'm going to make know, to coordinate looks.....

I'm such a girl.


  1. So much cute stuff!!! I've said it a lot, but you are so creative and talented!!! And I am so excited to get a towel!! :) They are so cute! I forgot to take that Amish bread home the other night and was so bummed. I need to get the recipe for it, and the sprinkles cupcakes from you! Thanks again for the sewing lesson! :)

  2. can you give me some gifts? we need drapes. and cupcakes. i would also like to order a quilt. and some dish towels. i can think of lots of holidays/birthdays coming up to use as excuses, but the fact that i'm such a good friend should be enough. lets talk about it.


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