Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is what happens when you play volleyball....

...and some idiot's knee runs into your knee....sideways.

Diagnosis? Torn ACL. Torn MCL. Torn lateral AND medial meniscus.

Oh, and throw in some fractured cartilage. Why not, right? And fracture it in a way that your orthopedic surgeon that has been practicing for over 30 years hasn't ever seen before.

Earl had surgery Thursday morning at the Fresno Surgery Hospital, the resort of hospitals. (It's actually just over $18K a night, so save up!) This was my lovely bed for three nights. Not very comfortable and FRIGID cold.

Poor Earl's physical therapy on Friday. These (nice) yahoo's tried to tell him to put weight on his toe of his hurt leg. The same leg that the doctor doesn't want ANY weight put on for a MONTH. Luckily I have a smart and somewhat devious husband that pretended he was putting weight on his leg when he actually wasn't.

The patient...sitting up!! It's a big deal.

Resting at home in his hospital bed with the CPM machine that bends and straightens Earl's knee to help with preventing scar tissue from forming wildly.

This is staple removal day. Mitchell is fanning Earl because it was about 106 outside....and that room was VERY hot too.

So Earl has 2 more weeks of no weight being put on his leg and is still pretty bedridden. Hopefully his knee recovers even better when physical therapy starts!


  1. Holy cow!!! Im so sorry that happened!

  2. Erin I hope you're hangin in there. Those pictures are so sad! I know it's been a lot for both of you and hopefully there is a light at the end of your very long tunnel. :) If there's anything I can do from Colorado, let me know. Love you. :)


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