Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birthdays and Anniversaries

So I've been a busy girl this summer....not only did Earl have to get knee surgery (more info to follow), but I have "baker" to my list of pronouns. My good friend and co-worker Amanda has a little boy that turned the big o-n-e earlier this month. Well, what would a first birthday be without a cake like this?

I am brand new to the use of fabulous fondant. (More like fabulously hard to roll out fondant.) I love how this cake turned out, but I could have done much better. I was in such a panic to get it done and get back to the hospital to be with Earl. For a first fondant cake though, I'm satisfied! I wish I could have tasted the cake though....the top layer was brownie chocolate chip, the middle was vanilla, and the bottom was dark chocolate, all with homemade cream cheese buttercream frosting. Now, I tried that frosting and it was goooooooood!

Well that being said, fondant is not the easiest thing to break into for a one year-old. So cake #2 was a funfetti cream cheese buttercream frosting cake with mini cupcakes on top.

So those cakes we done and delivered on Saturday. Sunday we got home from the hospital and Monday I was back to work full-time. Cake #3 needed to be done Wednesday night to be delivered Thursday morning. My coworker Anita was throwing a fancy 50th wedding anniversary for her parents up in the mountains. So I made a yummy (and I mean YUMMY) triple layer vanilla cake with fresh strawberry meringue buttercream frosting covered in white fondant with silver and gold pearl dust. You can't really see the cake shimmering and sparkling, but it did. I had many different attempts at piping on this do I need to practice more! This is the one that satisfied me, but even better, it satisfied my 2nd ever client even more!


  1. Wow those cakes are beautiful! What are you charging for them?
    Bruin's birthday is coming up and I think I'll just make an ice cream cake :)

  2. BY THE WAY! Your cakes are incredible! I envy your ability to decorate!!! We'll have to party sometime so you can show me how. They honestly look professional!


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