Monday, March 2, 2009

Oldies, but Goodies

Picture #1:

My father and I in Monterey kayaking! I feel like it's almost like that farmer picture with the pitchfork. I love it!

Picture #2:

Earl and I at AT&T Park a couple of years ago, right before I cut and donated my hair! (I miss it...I'm growing it again....) These were our original seats before we got the hook-up from Earl's cousin into a suite! It was a lovely San Franciscan day.

Picture #3

Fresno State volleyball game. I don't remember what year, but obviously it was after Earl graduated cause he was actually sitting with me! What a change! I was bored, can you tell?

Picture #4:

Looking at stuff at the Met in Manhattan, Summer 2005.

These Poloroids are fabulous, courtesy of Check it out, you'll be obsessed like me. It even makes the noise. AND you can shake them too!!! You can only do 10 at a time (like the REAL Poloroid cassettes) so PACE yourself!

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