Sunday, February 8, 2009

I know it's been a LONG time....

Here is a little catch-up on what we've been doing for the last few months...

Bowling on my birthday!!
(I'm not going to say the number so don't even try!)

Here is Ash and her beloved little ball that gave her a ton of strikes....

I was enjoying the wind....

Watch out, he's a bad boy....

New Years! A bunch of us partied it up at Steve and Sarah Lopez's.
Ash and I....

New Years Eve at the Lopez's.

We went to Utah for Christmas. We first went up to Sundance to stay with our friends Chelsea and Jed at their family cabin. We then went to Panguitch to visit my family for Christmas. It was a LOT of fun.

Cheers on Christmas Eve!

Girls vs. Boys gingerbread houses. The big one on the left was the boys'. They totally won. But it's not over!!! We'll get you next year......


So we got snowed in up at the cabin. They closed the canyon for avalanche blasting and my car was a little buried.....(see below) we had to walk down to the ski resort for some food. Quite an adventure, but it was pretty fun. It was so relaxing to watch the snow fall outside.

The Lights at Temple Square! We made the drive up to Salt Lake with Chelsea and Jed to see the beautiful lights at Temple Square. It was COLD. I think my face froze.

This picture of Nadia was taken at Buffalo Bills Resort and Casino. She got her own queen bed. She loved it. What she didn't love was people walking by our room at all hours of the night. She growled and barked at them....I guess she wanted to get us thrown out. (She was quiet after I nicely yelled at her to shut up. Love that baby girl!! I know she was just trying to protect, Mom.)

Here are some of the crazy girls that I work with at my job's Christmas party. I believe this was after our crazy rendition of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" on karaoke. It was awful. But a lot of fun.

Christmas Tree Lane! Of our favorite things to do at Christmastime. We walked down the lane with most of our group and peppermint hot chocolate. Earl and I are training for Alaska when we're going to become Eskimos.

Me, Earl, Tyson, Ashley, and Brad. We're full of JOY!

Our Christmas Tree!!

Shari and Jeff got married in a BEAUTIFUL ceremony at Wolf Lakes in November. Shari is on of my sister's best friends and she's practically a sister to me too. Laura and her best friend Brett were some of the bridesmaids and we had some fun taking pictures...and especially the one with he and the bouquet.

The beautiful couple!

Simon and Steve, together again!

Oh yeah, and Jed. (We love you, Jed!)

In November, some of our friends got married! Here is Chelsea and Jed. I've known Chelsea since high school and she is one funny character. Jed is from Utah and actually served his mission here in Fresno. That's where he met Chelsea, he fell in love with her when she gave her talk in Sacrament Meeting one day. No, not really. They met in Utah, AFTER his mission. But wouldn't that be a funnier story??

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  1. Cuuuute little post, my friend. I love the shout outs to me and Jed too - it feels like now that I'm on your blog, we're actually friends. Keep it up! I'll keep reading. PS - were you inside the car that was snowed in at Sundance? Weren't you hungry?


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