Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our first little post....

This is "the group." Just about every Friday during the summer looked like this. This was the day of a Fresno State game and a USC game on at the same time. We had two flat screens in the living room and lots of screaming at the tv and hamburgers.

Go Dodgers! Earl and I went to a Dodger game over the summer and scored some amazing seats from my girlfriend whose hubby works as a trainer for the Dodgers. It was supposed to be a fun game, Dodgers v. Giants, but by the 11th inning the score was still 0-0 and I was done. But we had fun and ate great food! We left during the 11th and what do you know, in the 12th the Dodgers finally had an RBI. Final score: Dodgers 1, Giants 0. GO DODGERS! (Don't worry, we haven't traded them in for the Yankees...

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